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The hot tubs we offer will meet the expectations of every customer. Configuration is subject to the choice of the tub model in terms of the number of users, the way it is used, and the basic or optional equipment. The choice of colours of the casing and acrylic coating of the tub is also important for our comfort of use.

1050 l
Brutto weight:
1250 kg
American acrylic
Seat Capacity:
5 persons (4 sitting seats, 1 lounge seat)
PVC Cabinet:
Stainless steel bracket:
Stainless steel massage jets:
27 pieces
Balboa or Gecko Control system:
Balboa GS100 or Gecko YJ-2
Control panel:
Balboa VL260 or Gecko K300-1OP
Balboa or Gecko Heater:
Balboa 1 x 2 KW or Gecko 1 x 2 KW
Circulation Pump:
Dual 1 x 3HP
Spa light:
Underwater LED lights:
9 pieces
Cabinet LED lights:
4 pieces
jacuzzi speciffication photo
1 piece
1 piece
3 pieces
1 piece
2 pieces
Thermo Cover:
Bottom tray:
Filter Cartridge:
1 piece
Water diverter valve:
1 piece
Air diverter valve:
2 pieces
Fountain and Cascade valves:
1 piece
LED music speakers:
2 pieces
Music bluetooth system:
Tub Insulation:
PVC step:
Power supply:
110V or 230V or 380V / 50-60HZ



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Control system

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Number of seats

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Nozzle System and Main Features

jets system
Number of seating positions 4 people
Number of lying places 1 person
Number of jets 27 pieces
Number of underwater LED lighting 9 pieces
The water pump two-speed 1 x 3 HP

American Acrylic

The collection of our bathtubs is made of the American acrylic Lucite Spa. The acrylic sheets we used have been specially developed for the production of hot tubs. Their main features are excellent thermoforming properties and resistance to adverse weather conditions, UV radiation and discoloration. Acrylic sheets are additionally reinforced with fibreglass and polyester resins (FRP). They are produced in a wide range of colours, which will satisfy the taste of the most demanding customers.

Control System

Our hot tub management systems were made by the American Balboa and Canadian Gecko companies. These products have been carefully tested in everyday use for many years. The systems provide a full range of management and control of your tub in various configurations. The functionality of the system allows not only the current control of individual jet sections while bathing, heating water to a specified temperature, filtering and maintaining the appropriate purity of water, but also wireless remote management of the system.

Mobile App

The Balboa and Gecko control systems allow you to remotely manage your hot tub. You just need to be within the range of your local Wi-Fi network or have an internet connection to your control system, and a mobile app on your smartphone will enable you to manage your device efficiently. Wherever you are and whenever you want - you can remotely set the desired parameters of the tub from your smartphone or tablet.

LED Systems

Each of the hot tubs produced is equipped with atmospheric LED lighting. This lighting has been designed both inside and outside the tub. The magical play of light is complemented by illuminated water jets, as well as illuminated fountain, waterfall and speakers. The changing colours of light, managed by a dedicated control system, provides an unforgettable experience during the use of the hot tub both in the summer and winter evenings.

Additional equipment

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