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As we invite you into the world of Hot Tub we have created, we would like to draw your attention to a few details that are important when searching for the right product for you.

The choice of Hot Tub is primarily based on the function it is supposed to fulfil in the future. You should therefore consider whether it is supposed to allow you to relax with your loved ones, have fun with friends, or maybe you intend to use the product commercially. It is worth noting that the Hot Tub we offer are suitable for both private and public use.

When choosing your device, also remember about the target number of users who will share it. In our configurator you will easily find a Hot Tub of a size matching your needs. We have small models for two or three people and large Hot Tub that can accommodate from four to six users. It is also worth noting that most of the presented models are equipped with both sitting and lying seats. The configuration of their arrangement depends on the chosen model.

You should also keep comfort in mind when making the final decision. The right quantity and quality of air and water jets allow you to fully relax. Adding the aromatherapy function in the configurator will certainly satisfy your need for comfort and as a result the rest in the Hot Tub will allow you to completely relax.

The configurator will also allow you to take care of the aesthetics of the chosen model. Our offer includes an extensive palette of colors, so you can choose the color of acrylic, casing or the cover of a particular model of Hot Tub. You only need to make an appropriate configuration to see your model of the device in the colors of your choice.

Of course, you must also keep in mind the power source of your Hot Tub. You can choose between 110V, 220V and 380V/50-60HZ. The final decision is influenced by the total energy demand of the device. This, however, depends on the power and number of pumps of the air, water and circulation system, as well as the power of the heater. The choice of the right type of power supply depends on the location in which the Hot Tub will be used and its total power demand.

If you want to use the Hot Tub all year round, you need to be sure to get a suitable thermal insulation cover and ozonizer. This significantly contributes to the reduction of operating costs and additionally guarantees the purity of the water.

Your choice can be complemented by additional Hot Tub accessories, which will increase the level of relaxation and functionality of the chosen device. They will also help you to create an unforgettable atmosphere in which your rest will be even more pleasant.

In the Additional Hot Tub Accessories tab you can find:

  • LED lighting;
  • various closing and opening mechanisms of the cover;
  • steps and backrests;
  • casings and arrangements for the surrounding of the tub;
  • different types of control and heating systems;
  • sound and communication systems;
  • insulation of casing and air and water pipes.

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