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The sauna can be a perfect complement to the hot tub. By using it regularly, you will not only be able to cleanse your body, but also your spirit. Sauna allows us to completely relax and calm down. It is also used for therapeutic purposes, since using it, among other things, regenerates our body and increases our immunity.

There are four types of saunas:

  • dry saunas
  • wet saunas
  • steam saunas
  • infrared saunas.

Dry sauna provides the opportunity to set high temperatures (up to 120° Celsius) and low humidity (up to 10%).

Wet sauna provides increased humidity (up to 40%) while keeping the temperature inside the room up to 90° Celsius. Humidity in the wet sauna is achieved by pouring water on hot stones.

The steam sauna provides the highest humidity, which is 100%, at a relatively low temperature of up to 60° Celsius.

Infrared sauna is a modern addition to the sauna sector. Its performance is based on the use of light-emitting points. In this type of saunas, humidity and temperature are relatively low. Humidity is up to 25%, while the temperature is 60° Celsius.

Discover how many advantages a well-chosen sauna has, by browsing through our dry and wet saunas. On our platform, you will surely find the one that suits your needs best, in terms of its functionality, size and location.

In the Additional Accessories tab, you can complete your order with:

  • wet sauna heater;
  • radiant heaters for dry sauna;
  • drivers;
  • air ionizer;
  • multimedia kit;
  • LED lighting.

Thanks to our creator you will make the perfect configuration of the sauna tailored to your needs, which will allow you to enjoy it for many years to come.

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